Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekly Update by Cristina Giner

This week was the first week after Thanksgiving break! We were all really happy to see each other, but we also wished Thanksgiving break would’ve lasted a little longer. We worked on our Model UN with our group for a while, and advanced a lot. We did a seminar about why it is important to listen to others and what they have to say. Our Thanksgiving homework was to interview one of our family members, so it was really interesting to hear about everyone’s stories. We also got to read to the preschool! We enjoyed doing that a lot and had loads of fun. Most of us chose Christmas themed stories, since it is really close to winter break... We also played a musical chairs biome game which was really fun. We went to drama, and watched the Frozen musical on TV. It was… funny! After a yummy lunch, we had solo time and a wonderful mindfulness! Then, some students went over to Lower El. to help a few kids with their work. It was a really busy day! On Wednesday we had art and music. We painted our flower vases and played the bells. In music, we’re preparing for our Christmas show, which is in a few weeks. We had lunch outside, since it was such a sunny day! Instead of having PE and spanish, we got to see the Altamont Orchestra! Ms. Cheryl’s old student was the conductor, and he brought all of his students to play at our school. It was really cool. Around the end of the week we started doing our mind maps for MMUN. We got huge post-it notes and had to write all the information on it. For garden crew, we also painted the back room. We’re going to put plants there throughout the winter. It was raining outside, and the gym was covered with chairs, so we played a calm -well, not really- game of Stride Ball! It was really fun… and competitive. On Friday, we finally finished our Mind Maps! They look really, really good. We took our CNN and Vocab tests too! We had a little work time, although pretty much all of us were done with our checklist. All of us were very glad it was Friday. We started organizing the geography room a little for the Holiday Store! We had lunch inside, as it was a little rainy, and then we did the whole school’s recycling. This week was awesome!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Community Service in Our Own Community!

Today, we had the chance to help our JBMA Garden by painting the new Basil Growing/Seed Room! Mrs. Kimberly helped our students to organize and complete a renovation of the room over the past month, and today we got to paint the room in preparation for new lights and shelving to be put up.

It's always a treat to get a little dirty, and our class did a fabulous job getting the room ready for our basil!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Weekly Update by Aleah Ward

Monday we did a three hour MUN workshop, and came up with and short three minute infomercial. Then we got together in our groups and went over our strengths. On Tuesday we took notes on Mesopotamia . Then we went to the lower El classrooms and helped the younger kids with some of their work. During PE we rolled up the mats and put away the chairs from the play last week. On Wednesday, the 7th grade created bags for a top secret mission. We also played christmas carols on the bells in music and painted our flower vases in art. Today is Thursday, the last day of the week. We finished our peace ceremony preparations and helped plug holes in the wall in the back room so we can grow seeds back there.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Food Drive

Happy Mid-week!

We are so excited for our Peace Ceremony next week, and we are very thankful to all the parents who helped us collect tote bags! We can't wait to give them out next Wednesday.

We wanted to remind you all that we are hosting a Food Drive for next week's Ceremony, and the middle school is responsible for collecting boxed dinners (Hamburger Helper/Velveeta Skillets). There is a collection box here in the middle school for students to drop off their donations.

Next Wednesday, following the Peace Ceremony, we will be visiting the Catholic Center of Concern to deliver and shelve all of our donated food. Permission forms are coming home this afternoon! 

We also will be celebrating our Friendsgiving lunch by sharing a wonderful meal together on Wednesday afternoon. A letter about this fun luncheon will be coming home later this week, so be on the lookout for that!

Thanks again parents for being part of our community! We couldn't do it without you!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly Update by Sienna Stine

Monday: Today we went on a field trip to Oak Mountain State Park. We helped get the Alabama Wildlife Center clean. Some of us mopped and some of us made bird feed. After that we went on a hike. It was really fun and relaxing.

Tuesday: Today was Halloween. We had snacks that some of the parents brought in. While we were eating our snacks we watched the movie Casper. Hope you had a great Halloween.

Wednesday: Today was a regular Wednesday. We had art and music, math and Spanish. Today we also got new assigned seats.

Thursday: Today we did our China notes it was really fun. It was a nice day.

Friday: Happy Friday. Today was the last day of the book fair. Sadly Ms. Kate was out sick today. We had our CNN 10 tests today we all did very good. Also in P.E. we played soccor &th vs. 8th. 8th grade won.