Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Weekly Update from Savitri Sasse (10/10-10/13)

On Monday we had no school because it was Columbus Day! On Tuesday we had a productive day of work time. Today we had lunch earlier than normal, we had a delicious Taziki's  lunch. After that we went to drama and built sets for the Little Mermaid play. We were building a sunken ship but the instructions were so confusing and we couldn’t get it right. When we got back from drama we did a CSI review activity in geometry we figured out who stole 1 million dollars and it was Musical Molly! At P.E we did soccer, it was the soccer team vs the non soccer team. It was a competitive game of soccer and really fun. In the morning on Wednesday we watched CNN10 it was about the wildfires in California. Today we also had a science test about the parts of the cells, everyone was so nervous! Later we went to music and played Ding Dong Merrily on High on the bells. Then we had another good lunch of Taziki’s, after we went to art and cut out paper with Exacto knife. We at some math lessons and then we went to P.E and we played Karma Ball.

On Thursday we made basil and lime sugar scrubs. We tried to wash our hands with it and it made our hands so soft!! Once again we had a great lunch of Taziki’s. Today Ms.Kate had to leave for Chicago for Model UN conference but she didn’t take us with her! WHY?! We had a very productive work time we finished so much. At library we made snakes out of paper plates. At P.E Coach Jordan made us a Gaga ball court out of some mats and cones. We had so much fun and it brought back so many memories from farm school. We were so excited to play Gaga ball!! On Friday Aleah and Carson helped Mrs. Sandy to lead the class while Ms.Kate was in Chicago. We had a very productive work time making our national park magazines. Then the 7th graders went to Spanish and they learned how to introduce people. In P.E we helped get ready for the Fall Festival and after we played basketball and soccer. They were really fun!! Once again we had another great week!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Middle School Reading Buddies and Weekly Update

Weekly Update:

Monday was our first trip to the JBMA Preschool to kickoff our monthly "Reading Buddies" program! We had such a great time meeting our new friends, and practicing our presentation and public speaking skills! Tuesday we had a very intense seminar about high schoolers learning about personal finance, later we played a few games of Zip Zap Zop. In P.E. we played soccer, which was very fun and competitive. Wednesday, we spent the day being productive and completing tasks on our workplan. It was a pretty low-key day. Thursday we made delicious cell models out of candy. Afterwards, Ms.Kate gifted us a small bag of candy, for us to enjoy.    -Charley Richards

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day Two at Farm School

We are having a blast here at Farm School! We spent the day planting cucumbers, learning about the farm’s animals, and having wonderful discussions about food. All of the students have been making connections between all the parts of the farm, and they are already discussing how their learning will impact their food decisions at home!

Sorry if the pictures didn’t quite work! Service is spotty here at the farm! We can’t wait to share our stories with you tomorrow afternoon!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Day One at McDowell Farm School

We have been loving our time on the farm today! We learned about the ecology of the farm and it’s interconnectedness. Then we did a service project to plant some elephant ear plants by the greenhouse! Everybody loosened up with some Gaga Ball before we had dinner! About to venture on a night hike! We are happy, healthy, and building community!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Update by Margaux Richards

This week was a great week. Monday morning, most of us finished our early humans project. We received a animal and plant cell diagram to go with our science notes. We had a great chicken filet lunch to fill up our very hungry stomachs. Instead of a regular solo time, we took a walk around the school and thought about many things. Tuesday morning we shared our funniest irrational fears, “my funniest irrational fear is closed doors in my bedroom,” Savitri Sasse said. We also had our seminar, everyone had very constructive ideas. We shared our early people presentations, Cameron, Aleah, Nick, and Carson created very funny videos. We had drama class, music, and art class as well.
Wednesday, in P.E we finished our unit in flag football. We also watched a video of why agriculture is important. The 7th graders gardened and Charley Richards found a baby asparagus that looked like an okra. Thursday, team panthers won in the last football game of the unit. 8th grade and 7th graders gardened today. We played “I like people who” in the last few minutes of work time, everyone had a great time. The volleyball team played the teachers and other middles schoolers. This Friday was really fun. At lunch Priya and Pooja Soni brought the class bundt cakes from their dad’s restaurant “Nothing Bundt Cakes.” At work time we had a lot of fun. We sang songs and did challenges. We did a group challenge called "Helium Stick" which was very hard, but a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Upcoming Erdkinder Experience

Food growth, land stewardship, and connecting to nature is a very important part of our middle school curriculum, and we are so thrilled to have our Erdkinder Experience coming so soon! Our class is going to return to Bruno rejuvenated and enthusiastic about agriculture!

Due to the familiarity with Camp McDowell and its procedures, we will not be having a parent information meeting for this trip. Our class will be leaving Wednesday morning at 8:30 via the bus, and returning home on Friday afternoon before 3:00.

Here are some important things we would like to remind you of as you and your child prepare for next week.

1. Please be sure to follow the packing list provided by McDowell. This has been very particularly catered to their needs on the farm, and with our trip only being three days long, less is more. Students can take their garden kits home next Tuesday to pack them if needed.

2. If you have concerns about bugs at the farm, it will be ok for you to send your child with bug repellent wipes that contain deet. Wipes only though, as the folks at McDowell are interested in protecting the integrity of all the farm's critters.

3. Erdkinder will be a "Technology Free" experience for our students. The goals for this trip are focused on building relationships with each other, and "unplugging" for a few days. If you need to get in touch with them, I will have my phone with me at all times, and McDowell can always be reached by phone at 205-387-1806. If your child would like to take pictures, they are welcome to purchase a disposable camera (yes they still make them 😊) from Walgreens or CVS. I will also be taking plenty of photos throughout the trip as well.

4. All medications must be brought in a plastic baggie, labeled with first and last name, and handed directly to Ms. Kate. Students are not allowed to bring any medication that is not expressly stated on their medical form. If you need another copy of the medical form, please email me.

5. Coach Jordan will be chaperoning the trip with us, and we are excited for his outdoor experience to help us get reconnected to nature.

6. Please make sure your student is prepared for all types of weather. We will be out on the farm all three days rain or shine. Alternative courses are prepared in the case of extreme weather.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Erdkinder, please don't hesitate to email me. I am available anytime.

Looking forward to a wonderful experience of growth, connection, and inspiration.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Weekly Update by Goodman Murphy-Smith

Week of September 4th - September 8th
Labor Day, no school.

This week, we began to do more real work. For the past few weeks we had been getting used to the new classroom, so we hadn't done much work. We continued working on the Big History Project we had started the week before. Ms. Kate assigned us a new seminar project, in which we read 3 creation stories and answered questions about each. We also started working on Roots and Vocab review Unit 1-3, and began flag football in PE.

Today, we continued working on the rock animals we've been working on for the past few weeks in art. We learned a new song on the bells in Music, and we learned more Spanish. Ms. Kate also moved the due date of the Vocab review to next week, and gave us a new assignment that involved answering questions about a Khan Academy video.

We began the day by playing “I like people who…” In this game, you arrange 14 chairs (or however many people there are in a group minus one) in a circle, which one person stands in the center of. Everyone else sits in a chair. The person in the middle then says “I like people who…” and names a characteristic (e.g. Hair color, eye color, color of clothes, etc.). People who have this characteristic stand up and try to get to an open seat on the other side of the circle. We played this for a while, and then continued with our normal day.
Ms. Kate reviewed the science unit notes we took with us, and we continued taking notes on CNN 10, like we do every week. The 7th graders went to Spanish (they do every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), and the 8th graders worked in the garden.


Today we went to the Peace Ceremony right after our morning meeting. We presented our haikus on why we need peace in the world. After that, we had our seminar on the creation stories we had read earlier in the week, and had our CNN test. Since Spanish and Library were cancelled in the morning, we instead worked on our checklist. Most people finished their Big History Project and Khan Academy assignment. After lunch, we came back and played “I Like People Who…” again. When we finished, the 7th graders went to Spanish. Library was cancelled for the 8th graders, so they continued working on their checklist. We then had free choice Friday in PE, and finished up the week.